68 Camaro

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Light Painting a 1968 Camaro


This classic muscle car deserved attention to detail, so rather than a straight shot I focused (no pun intended) on a series of images that would highlight different objects in the overall scene. First after several test shots I decided on a higher view than eye level to really accent the power house of this car, the engine. Our model, Angel who has spent over a decade working on and detailing the Camaro to it's original beauty agreed to model for the shot. I thought it was important to show Angel, as it illustrates a history of Americana as well as his effort to restore this Classic 68 Camaro.

This image is a composite of 12 images shot over a 3 hour period, although a single long exposure might work I took the easier path of stacking the images.

The gear you need- DSLR, wide angle lens, sturdy tripod, sandbag, continuos light sources( led lights- 4inch, 16inch, tube light and flashlights). The space needs to be able to go black without any ambient light. This was shot in Angels 2 car garage it had two windows that we blacked out. Select points of interest for your light painting, for instance the grill in this shot being jet black required two attempts to slowly paint light across to accent the emblem and texture of the grill. The side panel was actually lit 3 times by different angles so the paint would pop in the shot. You get the idea. This was a big job to do but really fun, you might want to try smaller items like flowers, book shelves to get a feel for what works, whats to much or to little. Feel free to contact me if you would like more info.

Like I said, this took 3 hours start to finish. Although I had literally drawn out my vision before the shoot, the consideration of everything model, angle, lighting, pasting etc. went on throughout the multiple exposures. We initially had 5 main light sources, the work light behind Angel, the 2nd work light hung on the hood (which gave the feel of a main light on Angel), a tube light by the fan and a small led just under Angel out of sight, shining up into his face, and a 16inch continuos light source filling in shadows from the left of image. Once the main shot was taken Angel stepped out and helped me create independent light accents throughout the image, such as tires, grill, body, floor and background.

This photograph was intended to Illustrate and tell a story about a man working on his car as a true labor of love. More than that it's an illustration of life in America. A little side note Angel is an exceptional person he takes on life with exuberance and passion. At age 70 he bikes 12 hours a week, 30 miles at a stretch. he gives his time to the museum of history in Denver telling stories to children of the first emigrants of America, the Spaniards. He has given "TED Talks" and searches for dark skies across the west. Check Angel out...Google, Angel Vigil Ted Talks


We have a beautiful framed 30x45 metal print of 68 Camaro for display in an office or business setting for rent or purchase. Other sizes available.



Follow the sequence of images below:

The Completed Image

The scene


The Angle


Head lights




Front Floor


Left Floor

Interior and Taillights

Side Panel

Rim lighting around grill, bumper and hood




Grill two


Side Panel and front tire




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