Professional Photographer for over 30 Years, Commercial- Portrait- Photographic Art

Thats Susie, my wife and me fishing on the Platte River near Deckers after our 1st Fly Fishing lesson. Although neither of us caught a fish that day, it was such a wonderful experience.



I use photography as a means to explore the world around me. It is an immense world full of visual sensory components, endless opportunities of beauty and structure from the grandiose to the micro. This photographic journey is about my own perception of the world around me, this is an endless quest of light and subject matter. These places, images or scenes are just a paragraph in their own stories, and I am not the storyteller just a casual observer. When I do create images it is for the simple pleasure of being a photographer.

The subject matter comes from a point of discovery and travel. The images I take in landscapes are my interpretation of time and place and the knowing that everything changes and it is just the waiting, the waiting for that moment of light that satisfies my intuition of what could be. Where as the creating of images is more defined by my ambition to immerse myself in the more personnel form of photography.

As this journey continues I believe I will seek out the minimalist views that waken a since of soul and let go the ego of being human. It’s a place of solitude without distraction.